Perhaps you’re also from the generation that was told to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before swimming…? I don’t know about you, but I was never given a plausible explanation — just something about blood flow being diverted from the brain and muscles to the stomach.

I was also told that a swan’s wings are so strong they could break an adult man’s arm… BANG!

But none of the above is known to me or ever documented – it is nothing but nonsense and rubbish.

In 2018, we still didn’t have much knowledge about stress. We were told that stress is a disease and we can get brain damage from it. We were also told that stress is created by external factors and we are not in control of it… Once more – nonsense and rubbish!

Nowadays, we know that stress is created by a specific thinking process, which is relatively easy to identify. It’s not rocket science; it’s scary simple, and that’s perhaps why it’s hard for us to relate to.

Today, we see that the government has established a stress panel – a group of advisors who will help change the negative trend that Danish society, like other societies, is experiencing; namely, an explosive increase in the number of sick leave cases that are stress-related. It’s amazing that politicians are now focusing on doing something differently.

At MINDstrain, our mission is to help as many people as possible manage themselves so that they can avoid experiencing negative stress.

For the first time ever, we have uncovered the thinking process that creates stress and developed a simple, effective method to prevent and treat it. Our method is so effective that it’s 3-5 times faster than other known therapies. Imagine the significant implications for the stressed person, their family and social circle, colleagues, the workplace, and the economy.

We have developed an app that ensures method consistency, so whether you are in Stockholm, Nairobi or Skærbæk, you will be introduced to the method and tools in a COMPLETELY uniform way. At the same time, the app also documents the experience of the stressed person of decreasing their stress level, as well as their ability to handle themselves, in order to prevent relapse.

I hardly need to point out the importance it has – for EVERYONE …!

We are happy to make ourselves available – completely non-committal – to all of those who wants greater insight into method and tools. Whether you are in the Government Expert Panel, sitting in a business, already overwhelmed by stressful thoughts, or just want to debunk the myths about stress once and for all, it doesn’t matter.

Contact us on [email protected] or +45 4019 0000.


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