In September, 20 people from the Distriktspsykiatrien in Ikast-Brande Municipality, participated in MINDSTRAIN’s 2-day stress-prevention course.

The skepticism was (as always) very huge, but when research and evidence shows that there is another way to deal with stress, the wall comes down.

2 days after the course, Ikast-Brande Municipality entered into an agreement with Securitas Strain Line, which gives the opportunity to get coached employees and citizens with the MINDSTRAIN method.

At the same time, MINDSTRAIN received this feedback:

The reason behind contacting MINDstrain was a desire for education with a new approach to preventing stress both in the work life and in private life because we believe in a “whole” person, with well-being in one place affecting the well-being of the other areas.

That the choice fell on MINDstrain was due to the fact that in the sagsbehandlergruppen we were quite tired of the usual approach to the subject with a focus on mindfulness, work smarter not harder, supervision, being able to say no, get ones sleep, exercise etc. etc. all very well and right, but not good enough and not effectfull enough. That is why MINDstrain appealed to us with the somewhat different approach.

And we were not disappointed, the two course days lived fully up to the expected level and there have been very positive statements from all participants. We are now in the midlle of implementing the tools in our daily life, we have enlarged and printed pictures from the teaching book which illustrate the model and set them up in our copy / common room so we see them every time we pass by. In addition, we hold 2 sessions a week of 10 minutes length, where we switch to present the main points from the method, we will do this until the method is engraved in our mind. Many concepts are already been used extensively as a common frame of reference in our everyday life, this is both when speaking of work and when speaking privately during breaks. In addition to the 2 weekly sessions, the use of MINDstrain will in the future be a fixed point on ongoing follow-up interviews with the employees and on the annual MUS interviews.

All in all, the course “MINDstrain – no stress” can be highly recommended for those who have to go with a desire once and for all to get some concrete, uncomplicated and manageable tools for the use of stress prevention in everyday life.

Lisbet Hedegaard Nielsen
Head, Psychiatry and Disability, Authority

The MINDSTRAIN method is a completely different way of understanding and working with Stress. The method is a further development of META cognitive psychology, and is a registered trademark.

As one of the only psychological directions, we document everything; both the results of the preventive courses, as well as of all MINDSTRAIN coachings that have been made.

Do you and your company want to hear more – quite non-committal, then contact us – we make ourselves available.

MINDSTRAIN currently operates. in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Kenya and Boston / Massachusetts, and expand continuously.

[email protected]– +45 4019 0000 –


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