Times change…

Once upon a time we thought that to be a Hospital Director, one had to have been a doctor – otherwise the business was not understood.

The school inspector had to be a trained teacher – otherwise one could not run a school.

Today we are wiser – or are we?

Many have experienced coming to a psychologist to get their lives on track – have a number of problems fixed that stands in the way of the normal everyday life. Many have also felt that they focus on the past, rather than focusing on the present and the future.

Where do I go with that?

Stress is NOT a diagnosis – yet. Stress is also not a disease. Stress is a mental state created by a very specific thinking process and it does not require a psychologist or physician to help identify this thinking process. Neither does it require a doctor or a psychologist to help replace the inhibitory thinking that creates stress to a more self-supporting form of thinking.

When stress is neither a diagnosis nor a disease, it also does not require treatment – in the traditional sense.
It requires the assistance of an expert who can coach the person to recognize the thinking that is inhibitory and stressful – killing the misunderstood idea that it is useful to think that way. At the same time, the perceived value of thinking differently – self-supporting must be created.

None of this requires a doctor or psychologist.

The past 30 years of development of dealing with people experiencing stress have shown us that the way we have done it in the past – has NOT worked.

We can therefore lose nothing by looking at both stress and handling the same, in another way.
We never get ahead by walking in the footsteps of others.

Welcome to a different perspective.


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