… time is flat – like a road you can walk on …

“Anxiety is a deeper problem than stress” – I heard one say yesterday. Immediately, many of us will probably think, “Yes – it makes sense”. But does it really do that?

Deeper where? Deeper into the body, and if so, where in the body? Is it deeper in the stomach? The head? Or maybe even something as undefinable as the soul? Or the mind?

Our language creates our reality. It reflects our beliefs about how the world is tied together. Therefore, it does not matter how we talk about things. And nothing happened as seriously as anxiety and stress.

What if we can talk about anxiety and stress in a different way? Everybody has negative thoughts and feelings every day. No one goes free. The difference between people who feel good and people who have it bad is how much time we spend on these negative thoughts and feelings. If we camp in them and fill ourselves up with them, then we will start to feel bad. We develop imbalances. It applies to all people.

So what if it is not about depth, but only about time? Let’s pretend that time is flat – like a road you can walk on. When negative thoughts or feelings come to our consciousness, we can take them by their hand and walk along the road with them. The longer we keep holding their hand and walking on the road, the worse we will feel. We can also release our grip on the thought or feeling, and we will no longer walk along side it. It will continue alone, and after a short time it will be on the horizon before it disappears. Do we hold the power to make that choice? Yes. We have it if we aqquire the needed tools that strengthen this ability.

So maybe anxiety is not deeper than stress. We have just hold the hand of the negative thoughts and feelings for a long time and continued along the road, without realizing that we have the control to let them go and let them continue by themselves.

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