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Stig Sølvhøj is the author behind the Ph.D., which has been conducted in collaboration with Rushmore University. 3,111 respondents have participated in this research.  


The research examines the existence of specific thinking-processes caused by unwarranted stress, and it discusses if stress can be reduced by working with these processes.  


Key findings in this research have shown that 86% of the respondents, who experience stress, share common thinking patterns. They all experience negative thoughts about the future and they see no solution to the problem. This is the definition of worry. It is caused by underlying beliefs that it is either useful to worry and/or worry is inevitable.


The MINDstrain method works specifically with thinking processes and it is continuously being developed based on this research.

Doctor, Ph.D., Associate Professor

The research has also shown that men are more likely to worry than women. On the other hand, women worry more than men. 

The study shows that 98% of the respondents were at a normal stress level within four sessions of 1 hour, regardless of their initial stress level.   

We have talked about stress for 20-30 years

Yet, with every decade, more and more people are experiencing increasing levels of stress. For us, it is obvious that we need to do something different about it. This is why MINDstrain is built upon the latest research on stress.


The University of Wisconsin conducted a study in which they examined how our thoughts about stress affect our physical reactions, hence our health. The study clearly shows that if we believe that stress can be healthy for us when dealing with challenges, the body reacts more appropriately.


The cardiovascular system becomes stronger and works more supportively than it would if we did not experience stress. Also, our cognitive abilities improve our memory capacity when we experience some level of stress. The conclusion is that we are created to benefit from stressful situations, and what we believe about stress is crucial in the way with deal with it (Health Psychol, 2012 September; 31 (5): 677-684).


Harvard University conducted a controlled study combining stress reactions and our thoughts about stress with the risk of early death. The study shows that if we experience stress while thinking that stress is dangerous to us, there is a 43% greater risk of premature death (J Exp Psychol Gen. 2012 August; 141 (3): 417-422).


(Department of Psychology, Harvard University Department of Psychiatry)

Read more about the MINDstrain method

Since 2017, Stig Sølvhøj and Katrine Sejersen-Permin have further developed MINDstrain. Today, they have educated and certified therapists, psychologists, and coaches in the MINDstrain method.

Read Stig Sølvhøj’s Ph.D. research now 

‘Thinking Processes that create unwarranted stress and a method to change this.’ ‘Tænkeprocesser, der skaber uhensigtsmæssig stress og en metode til at ændre dette.’

Wisconsin stress study 2012

Wisconsin University conducted a study where they examined how our thoughts about stress affect our physical reactions, hence our health

Harvard stress study 2013

Harvard University conducted a control study that combines stress reactions and our thoughts about stress with the risk of early death

Managing Stress

These studies show that we need to break loose from our traditional understanding of stress.


We often tend to focus on the harmful effects caused by stress. Thereby, we provoke thoughts of disaster and think about how bad things can get when we experience stress. Nonetheless, we must break loose from the idea that when people experience stress, they should be put on sick leave.  Stress is not a dangerous condition and granting the person dealing with stress a long period of time with rest is not the solution.  


What we have to do instead, is to focus on how we think about stress. To prevent and manage stress, we should think of it as a condition we are created to be in. Stress can be beneficial to us. Concern sharpens one’s focus and makes the central bodily processes work optimally. When we think accordingly, stress becomes a healthy and appropriate condition. By changing our view on stress, we can avoid sick leaves, and stop wasting our time and energy on negative thinking patterns. As a result, we will obtain more resourceful people and companies. 

To prevent and manage stress in a more appropriate way, we have developed a method that we call MINDstrain.


With MINDstrain, we provide you with an understanding of what stress is. We will ensure you that you will never experience stress as a dangerous and negative condition that limits you. 


This is an excellent investment for all managers and employees to liberate the full potential of your company’s resources.  

The World Economic Forum

In October 2020 the World Economic Forum released a report showing that “Stress tolerance, resilience and flexibility” are among the most important skills to pursue in the future.

These are precisely the skills that are gained by doing the MINDstrain program.

You can read the full report here.


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