The MINDstrain method

A further development of metacognitive psychology

The MINDstrain method is a Danish psychological method, developed in 2013 -2015 by Stig Sølvhøj. Stig is educated in metacognitive therapy, and MINDstrain was intended as a tool to prevent stress. Since 2017, Stig Sølvhøj and Katrine Sejersen-Permin have further developed MINDstrain. Today, they have educated and certified therapists, psychologists, and coaches in the MINDstrain method.

They offer stress prevention by using an effective e-learning course, which consists of 20 simple and engaging modules.

The MINDstrain method differs from many other approaches in that it focuses on your thinking patterns rather than on the content of the thoughts. It may seem confusing, but it isn’t. It is actually an incredibly efficient and gentle way of working.
The content of your thoughts may change many times during the day. To analyze your thought content is a long process. Your thinking process is your thoughts about your thoughts – also called your beliefs. It is these beliefs that govern which thoughts you think are important, whether you think the thoughts are good or bad, whether you can control the thoughts, etc.

When working on your thought content, you concentrate on the specific theme you are thinking about, but when working on your thinking processes, you concentrate on the type of thoughts you value, and the ones you spend time on. Therefore, you don’t just solve the problem, but you solve the problem of the problem. In other words, you are not treating just the symptoms. Instead, you grab the problem by its roots.
MINDstrain’s courses have had success in numerous Scandinavian companies since 2016.

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