Stress Jungle Documentation

Since the team-building wave in the 1980s, there has hardly been a market as diverse as stress prevention and treatment, as it exists today.
As accurately described by a news outlet, it is an unregulated market where all sorts of therapies and the like are abundant, some more effective than others.
Is this good or bad? We have come a long way, but I believe we can go much further if we employ multiple approaches to both prevention and treatment.
Old paths do not open new doors – it is necessary to expand one’s perspective and dare to think differently in order to achieve different results.
There are many skilled professionals in the market who work with various approaches to stress and achieve truly good results. They help people improve their quality of life and well-being every day, by looking at work conditions and the individual’s ability to take action.
We cannot solve one without addressing the other.

MINDstrain has a vision: we want to help people overcome unhelpful stress quickly and effectively. The MINDstrain Method is unique – an advancement of metacognitive therapy, which already has well-documented and proven results.
There are hundreds of studies confirming this – it only takes a few minutes online if you want to read about it and seriously seek documentation. Studies from reputable researchers and universities that validate this.

Trained MINDstrain coaches, regardless of their location, work within an app developed by Add2Work
(the owner and operator of this app), collecting clients’ self-assessments of their stress levels, their ability to control their racing thoughts/focus, and their sleep quality.

Since stress is neither a disease nor a clinical diagnosis, it is currently not possible to define stress unequivocally physiologically. The best and most recognized measurement is the PSS-10 (Perceived Stress Scale), used by institutions such as Harvard, Wisconsin, and others – including MINDstrain!

When all MINDstrain coaches register their clients, and the clients themselves track their progress, valid documentation of the clients’ perceived stress levels and thus MINDstrain’s effectiveness is created.

All treatments should be client-centered; it is not for the psychologist, therapist, or coach’s sake.

MINDstrain is proud to help many people improve their quality of life daily, witnessing individuals who, after a preventive course, say, “Why didn’t I learn this years ago?” We are proud to make a difference and contribute to bending the stress curve.
Therefore, MINDstrain is incredibly proud of all the numerous companies, municipalities, insurance companies, and pension funds that contribute to expanding the documentation by utilizing MINDstrain-certified coaches nationwide.

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