In the last 25-30 years, we have been talking about stress – the focus on the subject/concept has grown bigger and bigger, and numerous initiatives have been implemented, which are essentially based on “old school” thinking.

I dare to claim that hardly a day goes by without you either reading an article, seeing a newspaper headline, or hearing about the development of stress – both nationally and globally.

Despite massive studies with significant evidence, there are still psychologists and consultants who work with concepts like “stress stairs” – “burnout” – “reduced working hours” – “gradual return to work”…

These are all things we have done before – did they yield different results…???? MOSTLY NO!!!

Today, there are a wide range of companies that have embraced the latest knowledge, methods, and tools – and they are achieving completely different results than with the “old knowledge”.

A company in Denmark has experienced a reduction in stress-related sick leave from an average of 32 annually to 2…!!! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT – 2…!!!

I understand that anything new is scary and suspicious – but that doesn’t necessarily make it wrong – quite the opposite, perhaps.

If you were to buy a mode of transportation today, would you choose a horse-drawn carriage or a hybrid car?


MINDStrain is based on the very latest psychological direction – the latest research in the field of stress, and it is a truly unique self-developed tool – which makes a tremendous difference for YOU, your company – and your colleagues/employees.


You choose for yourself – hence Stress-Disruption.


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