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Learn how to handle any type of challenge with a focus on your thought processes.

We all face challenges and worry through life. With a MINDstrain stress coaching course, you can learn how to avoid stress and achieve a higher degree of capability.

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Stress is reported

When you experience stress from yourself or an employee, you can contact MINDstrain directly for help. We will help you with your next step.


MINDstrain contacted

When you contact us, the person with the stress diagnosis will be contacted by a MINDstrain coach as soon as possible, from where the first coaching session will be scheduled


Fast booking

We provide companies and people with a coaching course. The first agreement is free and transactions are first initiated when the course is activated


Stress coaching course

The assigned coach agrees on a course of a maximum of 5 times with the person dealing with stress. Long periods of stress are exhausting, and therefore the person suffering from stress must be helped quickly


Fast stability

We guarantee that the person dealing with stress in a maximum of 5 conversations within 3 months, will assess his or herself as done with the programme, so the well-being and effectiveness is maintained

MINDstrain educates and certifies coaches in dealing with stress based on the MINDstrain method

Meeting a MINDstrain stress coach is a different experience in comparison to many other stress coaches. This is due to our focus on solely the person’s thinking process and not on the person’s thought content.

Your thought content is what you think about, and your thinking processes are the way you think about your thoughts = your thoughts about your thoughts.

You will be guided through the sessions by our skilled MINDstrain coaches.

Your thought content can, for example, be about specific tasks at your job.

With a focus on the thinking process, you will be asked questions such as:

  • How much time do you spend on these thoughts? Is it possible to spend less time on them?
  • Is what you are thinking about problems you cannot solve or conditions you can’t change?
  • Are your thoughts important or useful? Would you lose anything if they weren’t there?
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