The entry requirements to become a MINDstrain Coach are:
that you are already either a psychotherapist, psychologist or certified coach.

Every year, all MINDstrain Coaches are recertified.
This recertification must be passed in order to continue coaching via MINDstrain


Our training to be certified as a MINDstrain coach takes five days.

If you are a psychologist, certified therapist or certified coach, you may be retrained as a MINDstrain Coach in the MINDstrain method.

After certification, you will be ready to receive referred clients from MINDstrain. In addition to using the training to coach clients referenced from us, you can also use it for other clients and in other work environments.


MINDstrain has partnered with Securitas in Denmark. Securitas offers our coaching and preventive courses through Securitas Strain Line.

In Denmark employers can subscribe to Securitas DK, so that employees can get quick help through our coaches whenever they experience stress symptoms.


We are awaiting new dates

After your course, you will be registered with MINDstrain as a Certified Coach, and you will have clients referred to you through MINDstrain.

Write to us for more information


In connection with the training you will need an iPad that has iOS 10.2 installed so that you can register your clients and coaching sessions through our app.

The app serves as a journal system, where you also have access to tools and call schedules, which you will be introduced to during your course.

In addition, there are some questionnaires that we use to document the effect of our method.
This documentation is valuable in maintaining current clients and attracting future ones.

You can read more about our cooperation
with Securitas here.


DKK 18.000,-

excl. VAT.

The price includes subscription to the MINDstrain app as well as full catering.

The education requires an annual re-certification.
The price for this is DKK 5.000, – excl. VAT.

2/3 of this price is an annual subscription
to the MINDstrain app,
as well as processing of data and documentation.


I chose to take the MINDstrain coaching program in 2017 when I was looking for a supplement to work with stressed clients. I have never regretted that decision !. The method is gentle on the client, as we are not talking about content, but about thought processes. The method creates an awareness of the extent to which we as humans ourselves have an influence on shifting focus and replacing negative thoughts with something more constructive and how we do it.

The training has meant that today I can help my clients out of stress much faster. MINDstrain has made me work with several target groups today and I am successful in working with clients who have stress, depression and anxiety. MINDstrain has meant a significant financial progress in my coach and consulting company LYBKJÆRHUS

Lena Lybkjær Nielsen, MINDstrain coach

I was certified in October 2017 in the MINDstrain method after talking to Stig about the whole underlying thought, philosophy and professional foundation. My wish at the time was to expand my business and the “tools” and methods I mastered. Today, the MINDstrain method is a key part of my business.

The actual education, training and certification in the method is extremely effective and we work continuously with the method stringing and with establishing a broad and solid foundation for the individual’s work with the method. The ongoing follow-up and the opportunity to always have a dialogue with MINDstrain about single clients provides a great degree of security. The supervision where we meet several coaches several times a quarter together with MINDstrain, is also invaluable.

My experience with the method is absolutely amazing. I use it both when I refer clients via Securitas Strain Line, just as I have sold the method to my own customers. I really have many examples among clients of people who several times and for a long time, have been on sick leave with stress, anxiety and / or depression and who had an experience that the surroundings had given up. People within the treatment guarantee, all as one, have gotten significantly better. People who are all back in the job market in a markedly stronger version of themselves. And above all, people who now no longer feel that the outside world around them had given up. Understanding and learning that mental and physical well-being is very much about dealing with the structure of our own thoughts is something we should teach our children in primary school. It would make a significant difference to our entire society

Claus Broch, MINDstrain Coach

For me, MINDstrain has not only meant customers and new tools. It has meant that I now live my life in a new way.
MINDstrain is a lifestyle that changes the way you think and thus live.

The reason why I originally chose the MINDstrain education was clearly the quality assurance that lies in the certification and recertification. – And then it is important to me that I, together with my client, can document via the app that the method works.

I have worked according to the MINDstrain method for approx. one and a half years and has achieved really good results.

MINDstrain is preventative, provides tools for managing stress and enables our clients to handle stress in the future in a way that prevents them from falling back into it.

Gitte Restaino, MINDstrain coach

The choice was not difficult – Of course it should be MINDstrain that should make me wiser on Stress. The teachers, Katrine and Stig are some of the most talented and dedicated people in their field. They have managed to turn complex psychology into a tangible and manageable tool. Stress is not simple but the MINDstrain method is and therefore it is used and works.

In the education, the focus is on you as a student and to give you some tools that you can use from the first day you have received your certification. You are 100% the target and MINDstrain is the remedy.

I have now been working with the method in my own company for almost 2 years and it is fanstatic to make a difference for so many stressed people out there. Many thanks to MINDstrain and their entire amazing team behind – Without you I would not have had enough faith in myself to jump out as an independent

Flemming Kold Nielsen, MINDstrain Coach

MINDstrain has developed an APP

With the app, our clients
can make sure that MINDstrain Coaches
work stringently with the method

and see the
documented effect
of MINDstrain coaching.


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