So what kind of game board are we all playing on?

This morning, I rode my bike through Copenhagen. It was a dark and rainy January morning. The cityscape was filled with people looking down, shielding themselves from the rain. Most of them seemed as if they longed for the warm duvet and would gladly hibernate until spring arrives again.

When I reached Kgs. Nytorv, suddenly there was music that broke the atmosphere. Elvis Presley. He sang loudly and cheerfully through the speakers. Meanwhile, a group of road workers laughed, joked, and sang along.

I smiled. I couldn’t help it.

We Danes talk a lot about the weather. And often with a negative tone. It’s too cold, wet, dark, hot… we also talk about winter sadness, spring euphoria, summer excitement…

I fully understand that the weather and light affect most of us. And vice versa, we also have our own game board to play on. The weather is a condition. You can move to warmer regions, but it won’t change the weather in Denmark. So what kind of game board are we all playing on?

Regardless of the weather, we can choose our focus. What we focus on, grows. So even though it’s dark, cold, and wet, we still have a choice.

When I go home from work today, it will be dark, cold, and wet again. will focus on the road workers I met this morning. I will recall my own smile, their laughter, and cheerful atmosphere, and I will hum along to Elvis Presley.

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