I started by taking the “old” modules, and now I can’t find my way back to them?
It doesn’t show completed on the modules I’ve already taken.

The new dashboard you enter now, first show you all the new items / tracks that have been added.

At the bottom of the page, everyone can still access the “old” modules by clicking on MINDstrain v0.1

Make sure you have selected the language you took the “old” module in before you click (English/Danish).

This access closes in May 2023, so there is plenty of time to see the “old” modules completed.

How do I get back to the new program from the “old” modules?

From the “old” program you can return to the new one by clicking on: New Dashboard, in the menu:

Where can I find all of my notes?

You will find all notes collected under “Your profile”. You’ll find your profile in the top menu in the right corner:

Click on “Notes” in the menu.

Your notes will now appear. You will find all your notes from all tracks and exercises.
The notes you took in the “old” program will also appear here.  

You can find all your settings under the profile icon:  


You will also find your quiz results, progress and notes here.

You can log out from your user under the profile:  


You can log in again from the MINDstrain website: mindstrain.com


Couldn’t find an answer to your question here? Please contact us for help here:

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