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The Science of Stress

Article in the Developing Leaders issue 35, summer 2020
by Rakesh Sondhi and Stig Sølvhøj


Our clients say …

“I got the push I needed to move on when I found myself completely overloaded and overwhelmed. The thoughts that could easily weigh me down or make me feel overwhelmed were stopped, and instead I found focus and concentration, focus on the present, not in the future or in the past, but in the present. That meant I could return to work after being hospitalized for 14 days, much to everyone’s surprise. Today, I train daily to focus, and I’m no longer in doubt over whether I can do my job. I highly recommend Strain coaches – stress is not a disease, but a condition you can change yourself.”

Pernille Hossy, Helsinge Real School

“In order to be better able to navigate in a turbulent everyday life and seek the meaning of the present, we have chosen to offer the course JUST STRAIN – NO STRESS, to those employees who feel their compass is in need of a check.

For the first 75 employees, the result has been impressive. Everyone has gained insight and understanding of why the compass had come a little off course and what they each can do in their own way, to rediscover the course and their job satisfaction. Investment is minimal but the effect is enormous. Everyone should continuously check their compass, not least to be better at listening to the body’s signals. For this reason, we will continue to offer this course iat If.”

Jesper Askjær, Head of If Academy

“I took the course JUST STRAIN – NO STRESS with MINDStrain. To date, it has been the most rewarding and simple course that has really taught me to handle my body’s signals. Stress can actually be healthy and make me ready for the challenge I’m taking on. Likewise, I gained valuable and simple tools to park my concerns and that in 85% of these cases, they never turn into anything. Would I recommend the course? To the highest degree.”

Anders Jochumsen, Sales Manager Commercial - If Damage Insurance