Opinions, attitudes and prejudices

Prejudices, attitudes, opinions and myths…

We all have different prejudices – no matter what we want or not. We have our own attitudes, often based on assumptions and opinions, and then we are under a lot of myths.

Whatever you have from prejudice – whatever opinions you have, you can’t deny the facts!

Facts are facts for the reason that they are not subject to prejudices or opinions.

YOU can think and believe exactly the way you want it – it says you as every other free thought is duty free as an old saying goes.

But the facts are FACTS.

Yesterday I was lecturing a psychiatrist’s physician who was asked by another participant in the lecture about what the cause of stress is.

He was incredibly hovering in his answer – the answer was based on his opinions and beliefs. This is quite natural because there is very little knowledge about stress.

I chose to sit listening and just reflect.

Facts about stress is that it is a completely natural condition in humans. It has always been here – and will always be here.

Facts about stress is that it is NOT created by external factors that we otherwise think and believe!

The fact is that stress is created by an inner created thinking process that is clearly defined.

The fact is that I have my Ph.D. research project in just stress, can document this through so far 476 stress-affected people who have been interviewed and who unambiguously show that the ONLY these people have in common is a certain way of thinking.

The fact is that it is our own beliefs that determine how we physically respond to stress.

The fact is that the way we traditionally view stress – is wrong!

You can have all the opinions and beliefs you want – but facts now document something completely different.

I would like to elaborate on this – you just contact me.

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