MYstrain / E-learning

MYstrain is MINDstrain’s e-learning program for both companies and individuals

The program has been tested in collaboration with 3 Danish companies:

If Forsikring, Jyske Bank and Ballerup Municipality, with extremely positive results

“I definitely feel that it’s easier to be me, I have more profit, better sleep quality, happier mood. This is because I have become better at dealing with and slowing down my difficult thoughts and feelings, which most often ended in bodily reactions. It happens very rarely now, since I have the feeling of having gained control. I have learned to accept that I cannot control my thoughts, but I can control what I think about the thoughts and how much time I spend on them ”.


By completing the program, you will gain knowledge about and concrete tools to:

  • Dealing with clutter  

  • Prevent stress

  • Strengthen your resilience

Among other things, you learn about the nature of thoughts, how to control your attention,
how to stop negative thoughts about the past and the future as well as about your inner dialogue.


If you can recognize several of these statements, MYstrain can be valuable to you:

  • I sometimes have thoughts / chaos
  • I may be worried about whether I will get what I need

  • I often think about the past and whether I should have done something different

  • I have at times deteriorated sleep quality

  • I may have difficulty managing my focus, and occasionally spend an unnecessary amount of time on negative / inappropriate thoughts

  • I sometimes get in a bad mood when I have a lot I need to achieve

The MYstrain program can be completed at your convenience.

MYstrain consists of 20 modules, each of which takes 10-12 minutes to complete.

Each module deals with a specific theme in the MINDstrain method. You will be introduced to the theme via an animated film, followed by reflection exercises and practical assignments. In addition, there is extra material for you who want to dive more scientifically into the individual theme.

The Licens for MYstrain has a duration for 1 year, with the possibility of extension.