For 20-30 years we have talked about stress

Yet with every decade, more and more people are experiencing high levels of stress.
For us it is obvious, that we need to do something different.


The University of Wisconsin conducted a study in which they examined how our thoughts about stress affect our physical reactions and hence our health. The study clearly shows that if we think our stress responses are healthy for us and help us meet challenges, our body reacts more appropriately.

Our cardiovascular system becomes stronger and works more supportively than it would if we did not experience stress. In addition, our cognitive abilities improve, in such ways as having a greater memory capacity and so on. The conclusion is that we are created to benefit from stressful situations and that the crucial element is how we think of stress (Health Psychol, 2012 September; 31 (5): 677-684).

Harvard University conducted a control study of 30,000 people, combining stress reactions and our thoughts about stress with risk of early death. The study shows that if we experience stress while thinking that stress is dangerous to us, there is a 43% greater risk of premature death (J Exp Psychol Gen. 2012 August; 141 (3): 417-422).

Wisconsin stress study 2013

Wisconsin University conducted a study where they examined how our thoughts about stress affect our physical reactions and hence our health.


Harvard stress study 2013

Harvard University conducted a control study that combines stress reactions and our thoughts about stress with the risk of early death.


MINDstrain prospectus

MINDstrain is an effective method of preventing and managing stress without long sicknesses, distress and loss of human and financial resources.


These studies show that we need to break with our traditional UNDERSTANDING OF STRESS

We often focus on the harmful effects of stress, and develop disaster thinking around how wrong it is when we experience stress. In addition, we must break the tendency for people with stress reactions to be diagnosed for long periods because it is a dangerous condition if they don’t find peace.

What we must replace this with, is a focus on how we think about stress. To prevent and manage stress, we should think of it as a state that we are created to be in and which may be good for us by sharpening our focus and making core bodily processes work optimally . When we think so, stress becomes a healthy and appropriate condition. When we turn our view on stress, we will avoid illness and avoid wasting a lot of energy on negative mind spirals. This will mean that we obtain more resourceful people and companies.

To prevent and manage stress in this much more appropriate way, we have developed a method which we call MINDstrain. With MINDstrain, we can give you an understanding of what stress is and how to ensure that you will never experience stress as a dangerous and negative condition that limits you. It’s an excellent investment in yourself and your business.

“We guarantee a quick positive development after a maximum of five conversations with a MINDstrain coach”.