Integration of MYstrain

We can help you seamlessly integrate the e-Learning course so it becomes a core part of your company culture.

How do we integrate the course?

When you are ready to get started, we ensure that MYstrain becomes an intrinsic part of your company in order to achieve maximum value from the course.

At the same time, we can help you effectively communicate the purpose of the course throughout the company to ensure high motivation from the very beginning.

Our clients integrate the course differently, but here are four key features that will ensure you get maximum value out of MYstrain:

  1. MYstrain delivers a comprehensive and easy-to-follow implementation and integration guide with examples for internal communication and answers to frequently asked questions
  2. MYstrain enables you to communicate the program’s principles and tools via your Intranet
  3. MYstrain enables you to utilize the program as a part of onboarding new employees
  4. MYstrain equips your leaders to utilize the methods and tools within team meetings and 1:1 conversations

You will get:

  • An introductory video
  • Supplementary videos that explain the MYstrain method and resilience
  • The PDF presentation that explains the method and e-Learning process
  • Access to webinars about the research and method
  • Suggestions for communication to leaders and employees
  • Suggestions for communication on your own MYstrain landing page
  • A facilitator guide for the implementation
  • Templates for calendar invitation
  • A facilitator guide for the implementation
  • Templates for calendar invitation
  • Statistics on the program’s impact
  • A guide to using the program in connection to onboarding, leadership training etc.
  • Ongoing access to the methods and tools

How do we get started?

When you’re ready to introduce MYstrain to your company, all users will receive a log-in so they can access the course whenever it suits them. That’s why MYstrain only requires internet access.

Good to know
All users get their own personal access where all data is only visible to the individual user. Furthermore, the user’s course progress is continually updated and saved, along with all notes taken during the course.

Every module covers a specific theme within the MINDstrain method. Your employees are introduced to the theme through an animated video, followed by reflection exercises and practical tasks. Additionally, there is extra material for those who wish to dig further into each individual theme scientifically.

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