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MYstrain is MINDstrain’s e-learning course for you who wants to focus on the well-being and job satisfaction in your company.

The program has been developed in collaboration with If Forsikring, Jyske Bank and Ballerup Municipality

The e-learning course; MYstrain, consists of 20 modules on a simple platform. It is easy to access and can be completed whenever your managers and employees see fit. Each module can be completed in 10-12 minutes and it contains an animation film, exercises, concrete tools, and in-depth articles. The course can be completed in Danish and English. 

The theory behind Mystrain builds on the MINDstrain method, which is based on one of the world’s largest studies about stress.

Achieve resilience in your company with MYstrain.
Resilience is about being able to overcome adversity by being in the possession of the right resources. This means that your employees are equipped to handle pressure without experiencing any stress.

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Simple and effective tools

Each module can be completed in 10-12 minutes. It contains animated films, exercises, concrete tools and in-depth articles. You can start and end the modules whenever you see fit.  

MYstrain can become an integral part of your corporate culture. 

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Benefits for you

A plug and play solution

No further IT implementation required

Easy to use for both managers and employees

Involving e-learning course with exercises

User-friendly and short videos

Most people can recognize several of the following statements:

  • “I sometimes have overwhelming thoughts/thoughts of chaos”
  • “I may be worried about whether I get things done”
  • “I often think about the past and whether I should have done something different”
  • “I experience that I can’t sleep”
  • “I may have difficulty controlling my focus, and I occasionally spend an unnecessary amount of time on negative thoughts and unrelated thoughts”
  • “I can get in a bad mood when I have a lot to do”

” You should not change what you think about, only the WAY you think about it. Humans often limit themselves by completely and unconsciously getting tangled in unhealthy thinking patterns. By looking at things differently, you can liberate an enormous amount of human mental resources – and go far beyond what you have ever dreamed of.” 

Stig Sølvhøj, Doctor, Ph.D., ass. Professor 

How do we get started?

Each module deals with a specific theme within the MINDstrain method. 

Your employees will be introduced to the theme via an animated film, followed by some reflective exercises and practical assignments. Additionally, there is extra material for those who want to dive more scientifically into each theme. 

When we make an agreement, you buy licenses for your employees. This means that you pay per license per year. The more you buy, the cheaper the price will be per employee. 

How do we anchor the course?

We will help you kickstart MYstrain, whenever you are ready. Together, we will ensure the anchoring of the e-learning platform for your company in order to achieve the most optimal value for you. Additionally, we will help you achieve the proper tools to communicate and ensure a high level of motivation and engagement in your company before the launch.   

Our customers anchor the process differently, but here are few suggestions to how to achieve optimal value from MYstrain:

  1. MINDstrain provides a complete roll-out -and anchoring guide with suggestions about communication, process issues, etc. 
  2. You can discuss the metaphors and tools of the program on your intranet 
  3. You can use the program as a part of your “onboarding”-program for new employees 
  4. You can encourage leaders to use the method and tools in team meetings and during 1: 1 conversation 

Companies that trust MINDstrain

Simple and effective tools

All companies experience worry during difficult times. This is in spite of how good your company is at creating a healthy work environment, brilliant leaders, and an effective balance between workload and deadlines. With MYstrain, your employees gain concrete tools to strengthen their resilience, and at the same time, prevent stress.

By assigning to the program, your employees gain concrete tools to:

  • deal with mental clutter
  • prevent stress
  • strengthen resilience

Managers and employees learn the nature of thoughts and how they can control their focus from the program. They will obtain the ability to stop negative thinking patterns about their past and worries about their future, as well as coping with their inner dialogue. 

MYstrain can become an integral part of your corporate culture to reduce stress and increase joy in life.  

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