Have you calculated what a stressed employee costs?

If an employee goes on sick leave due to stress, there are some fixed expenses. An employee who, for example, earns 380,000 Danish kroner annually, will cost more than 30,000 kroner in sick leave for one month.

The first 21 days the company doesn’t receive any reimbursement – but after that, they will. If you choose to use a substitute, you must include these costs afterwards. The indirect costs of an employee being on sick leave can be very difficult to understand: Other employees are typically burdened with an increased workload, and the risk of other employees experiencing stress is significantly increased

If a colleague calls in sick with stress, it often leads to talk among other colleagues. This unfortunately means reduced productivity. In addition, extra energy needs to be put into delegating the work tasks of the absent employee. This requires extra time for planning.

If you have a workplace with 250 employees who earn an average of 200 DKK/hour, and 20% of the employees’ productivity drops by just 15% for a period of six months, it will cost you as a workplace 0.15 x 6 months x 160 hours x 200 DKK/hour x 37.5 = 1,077,120 DKK.

More than one million kroner can be the cost of one sick leave due to indirect expenses for your workplace!


Have you calculated how many stress-related sick leaves your company has annually?

The statistics say about 10% of the population – and then you can press on your calculator to see what number comes up.

Many companies contact us to learn more about Strain as a preventative intervention, and the results achieved so far are quite impressive.

One company has reported that they have reduced their stress-related sick leave from 32… to 2…!!! over the course of 2 years. You read that right.

In fact, all you need to do is attend an open course in Strain to be convinced for yourself – and the price is less than two days of sick leave.

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