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Improve the mental health of your workplace with MINDstrain’s digital, mental gym. Equip your employees with tools to manage stress, improve the sleep quality, get better motivation and much more. It will increase the performance and well-being at your workplace. You will experience a lot of benefits of a happier, more productive team.

If you’re interested in seeing how the mental gym can benefit your company, schedule a demo today. Our team will walk you through the program and answer any questions you may have. Don’t wait any longer to prioritize the mental health of your employees.

With the MINDstrain program you'll get:

It has been a pleasure working with MINDstrain in Novozymes. We can see from the data that the program has created real value for our employees.
Camilla Dahl Jensen
Well-being specialist, Novozymes


Reduced stress Level


Improved sleep quality


Increased belief in achieving goals


Recommends the program to others

An evidence-based approach

At MINDstrain, we believe in using evidence-based methods to create effective stress management programs for employees. That’s why our program is continuously developed based on the latest research in the field.

Significant Results: 49% Reduction in Stress Levels

Our program has delivered significant results for our clients. Participants have reported a 49% reduction in stress levels, even those with high initial stress levels. We achieve this by working with specific thinking patterns that are caused by unwarranted stress and providing tools to manage them.

Improved Sleep Quality by 27%

In addition to reducing stress levels, our program has also shown a 27% improvement in sleep quality among participants. By addressing the root causes of stress and promoting healthy habits, we help employees achieve better overall well-being.

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