Prevent stress and increase job satisfaction in your company

– with a user-friendly e-learning course

The MINDstrain method is the basis for the e-learning program, MYstrain. The method is a further development of metacognitive psychology. … It doesn’t require any implementation, and it can be completed in Danish and English. 

The value for your employees

Did you know that stress is caused by piled-up worries over a long period of time? 

With MYstrain, your employees will understand stress in a new way. Stress doesn’t have to be a dangerous and negative condition that limits them. Thereby, your company achieves a better corporate culture with happier employees to enjoy life.  

That is a good investment in your managers and employees. 

Create job satisfaction with 20 involving modules

Managers and employees obtain concrete tools to:

  • manage thinking patterns
  • prevent stress
  • strengthen resilience
  • stop negative thinking
  • become aware of the inner dialogue

Stress researchers have recently found that our mental state is crucial for how we think, feel, and how our body responds when we are exposed to pressure

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Simple and effective tools

Each module can be completed in 10-12 minutes. It contains animated films, exercises, concrete tools and in-depth articles. You can start and end the modules whenever you see fit.  

MYstrain can become an integral part of your corporate culture. 

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