Invest in your mental health

Unique online program that helps you to get:

Improved Sleep quality - Less Stress - More robustness

Do as 1000 others - get online access to your mental gym

Being in good mental shape requires that you continuously train your mental health.
With this research-based e-learning program, you get the latest knowledge and effective tools

Exercise to avoid stress – Understand how you can improve your sleep quality – Ensure a high degree of robustness – Learn to break negative thought spirals

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Do you recognize any of these statements? Then the program is definitely for you

  • “I sometimes have overwhelming thoughts/thoughts of chaos”
  • “I may be worried about whether I get things done”
  • “I often think about the past and whether I should have done something different”
  • “I experience that I can’t sleep”
  • “I may have difficulty controlling my focus, and I occasionally spend an unnecessary amount of time on negative thoughts and unrelated thoughts”
  • “I can get in a bad mood when I have a lot to do”

Flexible and efficient

The program consists of 20 small modules that take approx. 10-12 minutes each.

Each module is a new topic, where you can become wiser about your mental health. All modules consists of animated films, explanatory text on the subject, exercises, tools and in-depth material.

The course is flexible and can be completed when it suits you.

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