Mental health
is a good investment!

MINDstrain offers your company a digital program to improve the mental health of the employees.

Employees with a good mental health are far more innovative, have more energy and fewer sick days.

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Set mental values on the agenda -
Get a strengthened mental community

The data speaks
for itself

Prioritizing the prevention of employees’ mental health is essential for well-being, sickness absence and productivity.
Employees experience great value when their employer is an active part of the journey.
Therefore, it is an essential part of our concept that the company becomes just that.


Reduced stress-related sickness absence


Improved sleep quality


Reduced stress level


Increased belief in achieving goals

The product

MINDstrain is a research based methodology for preventing and learning about mental health. All our concepts are Online, making it flexible for companies of all sizes and geographical locations. It provides concrete tools you can use both individually and at team level.

“It has been a pleasure working with MINDstrain in Novozymes. We can see from the data that the program has created real value for our employees. Stress levels and sleep quality have improved by 40% and at the same time the program has given us a common language - even quite humorous language - which makes it easier to talk about topics such as well-being, resilience and stress. The method is also "work-friendly", as it works no matter what the filling, and the employees do not have to share whether it is the spouse or the boss. I would also like to highlight the flexibility of the program. MINDstrain can be seen when it suits each participant, which is an advantage when, like Novozymes, for example, you have teams across national borders and time zones. The time consumption itself is also very affordable - especially when you think about the concrete value MINDstrain has created. "
Camilla Dahl Jensen
HR responsible for the pilot project in Novozymes

and efficient

The program consists of 20 modules, each taking approx. 10-12 minutes to complete. The course is flexible and can be completed exactly when and where it suits you.

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